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About AOS

Arizona Optical Systems, LLC (AOS) is a leading manufacturer of precision optical systems for the aerospace and astronomical communities. Founded in 2009, AOS maintains a team of engineers and technical specialists that have core competencies in optical manufacturing and testing, as well as the design of optical, opto-mechanical, adaptive optics and motion control systems.

AOS specializes in the fabrication of optical systems and components up to 2m in diameter. AOS has developed specialized manufacturing and test equipment enabling the production of cutting edge optical components, including extreme aspheric surfaces: on-axis or off-axis, convex or concave, as well as large reference spheres or flats.

AOS also designs and builds large optical calibration systems that are used to certify space-qualified hardware.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Arizona Optical Systems is to provide world class optical systems to industry. AOS uses state-of-the-art optical processing and metrology methods to manufacture optical systems and components up to 2m diameter, made from advanced materials, such as glasses, glassy ceramics, and silicon carbide.

Our goal is to utilize our expertise in specialized optical processing and metrology to offer industry an unprecedented level of quality and efficiency in the fabrication of complex optical systems and components.

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