Optical Design & Manufacturing

Our Solutions
  • Optical design and analysis for custom optical systems
  • Custom alignment and metrology systems design
  • 6 different spindle machines for small optics manufacturing (8cm to 100cm)
  • 2 draper machines for 80cm – 150cm elements
  • Custom robotic platforms for large optics manufacturing (50cm to 2m)
  • Adding another 2m capacity, computer controlled polisher with precision profilometer
  • Recently added a 1.8m continuous polisher & 1.5m continuous grinder
  • Optical manufacturing of aspheres, on-axis or off-axis, concave or convex to 2m
  • Optical manufacturing of flats and spheres to 2m
  • Materials: Glass, Glassy Ceramics, Silicon Carbide, Silicon, Engineered Materials
  • Custom alignment and metrology systems design
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